Loan Requirements

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Our Lending Policy

Checklist: The following documents are required in support of your application

  • Proof of ID, Valid passport/driving licence / age Card etc
  • Proof of Address utility bill etc, must be dated in last six months,
  • Proof of PPS
  • 3 recent payslips
  • Bank account statement for 3 previous months
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Other loan statements
  • If renting proof of rent is required by means of a letter from your Landlord or letting agent
  • Student loan, proof of college acceptance required and a guarantor may also be required to co-sign the loan
  • Proof of income for spouse/partner (if applicable)

For larger loans the credit committee may insist on other security such as assignable insurance policies or a legal charge on property. Guarantors may also be sought by the credit committee, should the member fail to repay the loan, there are a legal obligation on the guarantor to repay the loan himself or herself.

Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply