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Join Ballinasloe Credit Union Today.

BCU1Joining Ballinasloe Credit Union is one of the best decisions you could make. To become a member of Ballinasloe Credit Union you must be within the credit union’s common bond. (Working / Living within a 15 mile radius of Ballinasloe Credit Union)

Simply call into our office in Main street – you don’t need an appointment. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the application.

To open an account you will need:

  • Current Photo Id in the form of Passport or Drivers License
  • Proof of Address In the form of recent Household Utility Bill or Bank Statement where recent means less than three months old.
  • Your PPS Number – This is a new requirement from 01 Jan 2009. Your PPSN must be contained on a card, official form or pay slip.

Opening an account for Children / Minors

  • Current photo Id: in the form of Passport or A certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate showing their DOB;
  • Proof of Address: A copy of a recent utility bill from the parent or guardian showing the address of the child;
  • PPS number: The minor’s PPS number on a state document of any type.

Please note that only a parent or guardian is entitled to make withdrawals on behalf of a minor – ie a person under 7 years of age. Where a person other than a parent or legal guardian ie grand parent opens an account on behalf of a minor , they may nominate a parent or guardian to do so in order to faciliate future withdrawals from the account until the child is old enough to give receipts.

E-mail us at or call us on +353 90 96 43179