Duncan will be giving us 25 excellent Tips on Home – Retrofit over the next few weeks.

Tip 1

The average Irish household spends about €2,000 on space heating each year. That’s a whopping €40,000 lost over 20 years (at today’s fuel price).

If your house requires €2,000 /year and is heated by a kerosene or diesel boiler, this would create about 120 tons of CO2 emitted, and would accumulate in Earth’s atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years doing damage , and would be much more if it burns turf or coal.

a) Open fires are only 20% efficient. So 4/5th of the fuel’s heat is lost up the chimney.
b) The average oil boiler in Irish homes typically operates at about 65% – 70% efficiency, which drops in efficiency, if not regularly serviced.